Healthy Foods for a Lean Belly

I love to cook! 🙂

But which ingredients are healthy? This question comes up often, even among my friends! So, it’s time I talked about 10 foods that are real good to keep (or get) a lean belly!

Most diets fail because hunger and appetite are too high and the allowed food portions are too small. But that doesn’t have to be so! You need to eat the right foods during a diet so that your pounds go away and stay that way. I also give some nutritional tips so that the desired figure remains permanent.


Chicken eggs are excellent for slimming. You have a lot of vital substances. Besides, studies have shown that eggs can help to break down abdominal fat and counteract the reduction of muscle mass that is often observed in a diet. So: Just prepare a tasty omelet, then it works with the slimming. Maybe with Brussels sprouts and spinach?


Pulses, such as beans and peas, provide a significant amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This natural nutrient cocktail saturates particularly well, as a scientific study has confirmed. Test persons who often integrated legumes into the diet during their slimming cure felt more satisfied with their food and were less hungry. Our tip: a delicious, homemade bean stew.


It is free of calories and stimulates the circulation. It also accelerates breathing, blood vessels dilate, the heartbeat becomes faster, and the organs are better supplied with blood. The body works more and therefore consumes more fat. It is best to drink coffee without milk and sugar. However, remember that you will feel tired once the effects of coffee are over.


Generally, a good diet should always go in pair with exercise. Nothing helps you achieve and maintain your weight related goals like working out regularly. If you’re older and hard exercise is too difficult, you should start with something easier! You can check out TheYogaBurnReview.com – yoga tips. This is good to start with, and it also includes more food related tips.


The fruit contains many bitter substances, making grapefruit a real fat killer. The bitter substances direct fat directly to the places where it is burned in the body. In this way, they prevent fat from accumulating on the hips and abdomen. Bitter substances such as those in grapefruit can also help against sugar addiction, as you can read here.


Although nuts have a very high energy density, they can support a diet. Nuts curb the appetite and have many unsaturated fatty acids.

Walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds are well suited for example. Also, you can make a lot of wonderful dishes that are accompanied by nuts. My personal favorite: put pieces of nuts into your salads! 🙂


A few years ago, the Institute for Food Research demonstrated that water is a fat killer. Water activates the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates the metabolism. Moreover, water fills the stomach and the feeling of satiety sets in faster. But the trick only works with still water. Drinking a large glass of water or unsweetened tea about 30 minutes before each meal fills the stomach, reduces appetite and accelerates both metabolism and fat burning by up to 30 percent.


Chili contains the active ingredient capsaicin, which boosts the metabolism and increases body temperature. Therefore, the body consumes more energy and additional calories are burned. So why not enjoy more spicy food? We recommend chili with ginger & fish or a chili con carne.


Researchers in Canada found that calcium can help lose weight. Buttermilk contains a lot of calcium, but little fat. Milk has only about 35 calories per 100 milliliters – but it takes a relatively long time to feed.


Lamb meat contains proteins and L-carnitine. And this vitamin-like substance makes the meat a fat killer. If the body has enough L-carnitine, fat burning increases by a whopping 15 percent.

Cottage Cheese

Little fat, but much saturating protein is the slimming formula of this cream cheese specialty. 100 grams provide only 90 calories. Try omelet wrap with cottage cheese and avocado.

Benefits of Yoga over Other Types of Exercise

More than two hundred million people practice yoga worldwide translating to about two percent of the entire global population. These statistics would explain why the United Nations has an international day for this ancient practice that dates back 5,000 years to the Indus-Sarasvati reign in India. Yoga could not have survived this long if it did not benefit those who practice it. Moreover, millions of people worldwide would not practice it in today’s world if it did not bring value into their lives. In fact, yoga is better than other types of exercises in numerous ways. Here are some of them.

There is no competition in yoga

Competitive exercises focus on winning. Yoga focuses on your physical state of well being. For example, many people overwork their bodies trying to outdo each other. Athletes sprain their knees when they train too hard to win a medal. Gym enthusiasts take up steroids to become the most muscular person in the gym. The effects of this competitiveness are catastrophic. The use of steroids, in particular, may lead to the development of acne, gynecomastia, cancer, and heart attacks. In contrast, yoga focuses on individual health. You can do it at home at your own pace.

You can do it anywhere and at anytime

Staying healthy in today’s world is a challenging task. For instance, you spend most of your time at your office, yet other exercises require your presence at a precise location at a particular time. The gym is an excellent example of such restrictions. You have to be there during opening hours. Unfortunately, you are also at work at such times. When will you exercise? Going on walks or runs also requires particular hours.

What if you cannot run or walk during such times? Yoga burn is the solution to all of these problems. You can practice it in a private room at work. You can do it in your hotel if you are traveling and you can perform it at home. That means you can keep yourself fit even though your schedules conflict with gym hours or if you arrive too late at home and you cannot make it for a run.

There are little or no costs in yoga

You need a bit of money for you to practice other forms of exercise. For example, you need dumbbells, a treadmill, and an exercise bike among others. All of them cost money. You can also go to the gym, but it requires membership fees, and in some cases, the buying of supplements. In contrast, you only need a mat for you to practice yoga. In fact, you can even do it on a carpet or well-manicured grass. The only time you might pay for something in yoga is when you are paying for practice sessions so that you can learn how to do it correctly. That means there are little or no prohibitive barriers when it comes to performing this kind of exercise. Or you have a Garrus x Shepard moment.

Moreover, yoga rarely leads to an injury because it is a gentle form of exercise. Another one is that it focuses on your physical health as well as your spiritual well being. Consequently, it reduces your level of stress in life while keeping you fit. Start practicing yoga today because it is the best form of exercise. It will uplift your spirits in addition to keeping you healthy. Try it, today.

A Minute Introduction to Yoga

Sometimes I wish I had discovered something when I was in my teenage years. Yoga is one of those things: I’ve never paid attention to it until a few years ago, when I felt particularly down and needed a ways to pull myself out of a depression. Back then, I decided to use exercise to get my body to work all those feelings, and I also wanted to do meditation. Yoga combines both of these in one package, so I started doing it and fell in love with it 🙂

Here is a little video that my friend Clara recently used as her first introduction to the sport – if you can call it a sport.

Personally, I think almost any video can be a good start, but since Clara used this one, I want to share it with you today. But remember that you don’t just need good fitness to live well, you also need to know how to feed your gut! 🙂